Take Good Care of Your Trees to Help Them Last

Get expert tree trimming services in Westbrook, Gorham, Portland, Windham, & Saco, ME

Many homeowners don't pay much attention to their trees until they fall. But there's actually a science behind the importance of tree maintenance. Cutting trees properly will reduce the weight that limbs place on the rest of the tree. This doesn't just make your tree look better-it can prevent your tree from falling on your property.

The certified arborist at 207 Landscaping Tree Service, LLC has the training needed to trim trees so that they stay strong and healthy for years to come. We can use cranes to trim large trees, and we always put safety first. Make an appointment for tree trimming or limb removal in Westbrook & Gorham, ME today.

Why should you trim your trees?

Why should you trim your trees?

Reach out to 207 Landscaping Tree Service today if you need tree trimming services in Westbrook & Gorham, Maine at 207-332-7048. You can count on us to trim and prune your trees to keep them healthy. Staying on top of tree maintenance will:

  • Help your trees stay healthy.
  • Encourage new tree growth.
  • Prevent limb or branch breakage.

You can also hire us to remove dangerous or low-hanging tree limbs. We always clean up after we're done trimming your trees-you'll never find branches or limbs littering your yard after we leave. Call now to book an appointment for tree trimming or limb removal services in Westbrook & Gorham, ME.