Rid Your Yard of Dangerous Trees ASAP

Schedule tree removal services in Westbrook, Gorham, Portland, Windham or Scarborough, ME

Trees provide shade and beauty in our yards, and they're an essential part of any home's curb appeal. But if your trees are rotted, diseased or damaged, it's important to remove them right away. A tree can inflict serious damage on your home if it falls.

Call 207 Landscaping Tree Service, LLC if you need tree removal services in Westbrook, Gorham, Portland, Windham or Scarborough, ME at 207-222-2932. We'll analyze your tree to determine if removal is the best option. We remove trees of all sizes anywhere in your yard, and we can work around power lines safely. You can trust us to remove the tree without destroying your yard. Make an appointment today.

Our Tree Trimming and Pruning Services:

Tree Service
Tree Trimming
Shrub Trimming
Shoreline Tree Service
Emergency Tree Removal
Hazard Tree Removal
Hazard Limb Removal
One Time Brush Removal
Tree Planting (Two or More)
Shrub Planting (Two or More)
Stump Grinding Service
Lawn Installations
Mulch Installations (Any Size)
Shed Base Installations
Round Stone/Crushed Stone Installations
Drip Edge Stone Installations
Pool Area Stone Installations
Sod Installation
Spring Cleanup
Fall Cleanup
Brush Leaf Pile Removal
Year Round Property Maintenance

We don't leave stumps behind

When you hire 207 Landscaping Tree Service for tree removal in Westbrook, Gorham, Portland, Windham, & Saco, ME, you can also count on us to remove the stumps that are left behind. We have the equipment to handle stump removal, and we'll make sure that your yard looks neat when the stump is gone. Call now to learn more about our tree and stump removal process.

How can you tell that your trees need to go?

Getting rid of unsafe trees is essential, but knowing when to remove trees can be confusing. 207 Landscaping Tree Service handles tree removal work in Gorham, Westbrook, Portland, Windham and Scarborough, ME. You'll want to schedule tree removal services for any trees that are:

  • Leaning and close to falling over
  • Infested with pests or infected with a disease
  • In a dangerous location that poses a threat to your property

Our experts know how to spot unhealthy trees that need to go. We'll look at your trees and remove unsafe ones without hassle. Contact our tree maintenance professionals for removal services today.